Sunday, April 17, 2011

Road Trip Day Three - On The Way From Here To There

Today was mostly a travel day for us...on the way from here to there. We didn't have much luck this morning so we decided to hit the road and head down to Southern Oregon. There is a Flea Market there we love to shop.

Driving down the Oregon Coast is really a treat in itself...but we decided to sweeten the deal with road trip CHOCOLATES! Can you say YUM!

There is a ton of water in Oregon so there are wonderful bridges around. We loved this old train bridge.
This one is on the Coast...I just can't remember where. You can see that the rain followed us down the coast...unfortunately!

The other standout of the day was funny signs. Seriously..we saw a ton of them today. Here's a few of our favorites.

We hoping we don't qualify for this one yet, but it's good to know it's available.
Every mother in America needs one of these!

These are all over the Oregon Coast...We use to never pay attention to them, but now it makes you think twice.

This one is actually from a couple of weeks ago, but we just had to include it! We just don't want to know why they needed to post a sign for this! Seriously!
See you tomorrow!
Eileen & Karen

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Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

What a fun trip!! It is
so beautiful there ~ I am
not sure I would be loving the
rainy weather but that is what
keeps it gorgeous~
Have a fun day !!