Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road Trip Day One

In spite of the literal down pour of rain, we made to the Coast today! And truly, no matter the weather the Oregon Coast is breath taking. It always feels so refreshing to be here. When I look at the enormous waves, it makes me feel small again and somehow all my silly life's challenges seem small and insignificant again. I love that!

We had a fun time winding our way down today. We stopped here and there along the way. Visited a few Thrift Stores that we had never been in before. That is always fun. We even found a few goodies!

Being here is inspiring too. There are many antique stores with wonderful displays. You gotta love that! We have an early morning tomorrow so we are off to bed! Major junking tomorrow! Woo Hoo!
Eileen & Karen


Pam said...

Have fun you two! Hoping you don't get too soaked!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Have soooo much fun!! Wow
what a beautiful coastline ~

Mike said...

The scenery is indeed breath taking. Going to the beach in a not so nice weather is another different great kind of experience rather than the typical beach outing. It's in this type of weather where you can actually Inhale fresh cool air coming from the ocean and feel the cool see breeze.

The photo reminded me of the good old days where we used to hang out on the beach with friends in this kind of weather. I'm sure you really had a great time on this outing.

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