Monday, April 18, 2011

Road Trip Day Five~Home Again Home Again

We had such a great day today as we headed towards home. First, it was so awesome to have the sun out! 

Our proof it was gorgeous and least for most of the day.

We stopped in Oakland on the way home. What a sweet little vintage town! Our favorite stop was at Wonderful Things! We love their rustic outdoor decor and we found several things to add to our stash!

But the best part was meeting Jane Snyder. She owns the adjoining shop Plain Jane Originals Custom Sewing & Designs.

We loved seeing her shop and special handy work and original designs. If you need something unique and one of a kind designed...she's your gal! She was telling us about a special quilt she made using the actual footprints of a new baby. Darling!

One of our favorite things to do on road trips is to watch for photo ops. Karen is quite a photographer. She has all the super zoom lenses. (I know...your asking yourself why you have to suffer with my pathetic photography skills..) We loved this row of tractors all lined up in a row.

These new baby lambs were just too cute! I loved these two little black sheep. Oh my gosh they were so cute!

Our last stop was at our favorite Antique Mall Glory Days. What an inspiring place! I just had to sneak a quick pic of this gorgeous dress form. Wow...incredible!

We had such a great time together. I am truly blessed to spend time with such a dear friend, laughing, making memories and doing what we love.

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