Tuesday, August 4, 2009


After we battled through a massive thunderstorm, blowing dust and smoke from forest fires, we finally reached Boise, Idaho to spend the night. My arms were actually sore from trying to hold the wheel straight and the big Suburban on the road. We ate some Mexican food and found our room.

It was about 10:15 by now. Email... I hadn't talked with Eileen in days. There it was amongst the spam. I read the first line and then had to read it again. "My dad passed away peacefully in his sleep this morning". Oh, no. He had successfully finished all of his radiation and chemo, but still wasn't doing well. Things were looking much brighter though. He's gone. My heart breaks for Eileen, her mom and her family. It was such a long hard battle, and now the grieving and healing will be long too. I feel the guilt of not being there for my best friend in a time of need, so I will check air fare in Denver. We laugh that we have connecting spirits, this will be our test.

Will she know beyond a doubt that my love is always with her, my prayers surrounding her with hope and comfort? It's so hard losing a parent. Devastating for a daughter to lose a dad.

We found a wonderful door today in a tiny town called Mitchell. I couldn't help but think of all the doors we pass through during our life. Some with timidity and fear, others with reckless abandon and excitement, most with no knowledge... just faith. Eileen's Dad passed through his final door here in this life and went on to his next spiritual life, waiting for his friends and family to follow him. My father has done the same. The doors that Eileen will open in the near future will be new, some frustrating, some bringing anger, sadness, joy, and finally contentment. I hope to be with her as each door is opened, following, leading, or walking side by side, ready for you to give me burdens to carry, joys to share and grief to walk through. I love you girl!


Rebecca said...

Precious POST my friend. I'm sorry about the passing of your friend's father. Gone too soon.

I love what you said about the doors we pass through in life. It is true...there is always a path ahead we must travel and not all of them are easy.

Blessings to you friend. May the memory of those you love sustain you through the days ahead.

Love, Rebecca

Carolee Crafts said...

Karen I am so sorry about Eileen's Dad my thoughts and prayers wre with you both.

Kathie Truitt said...

Friends like you is what will get her through this.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

A truly beautiful post. So sorry about Eileen's dad. So lucky she is to have you as a best friend!
bunny hugs,

Graceful Rose said...

Karen, what a beautiful post. So sorry about Eileen's dad. She is lukcy to have a friend like you. I love part about the doors. I will never look at doors the same way again.

GEORGIA said...

What a lovely tribute to your wonderful friendship with Eileen. Karen, please convey my sympathy and send loving hugs to her when next you speak. You are truly a blessing to she and her family.

Love and hugs to you too sweet Karen.

Grandma G's