Monday, August 24, 2009

Is It Time To Sign Off On Summer? Looking Back...

I was just thinking tonight that school will start soon and summer will be over. Where did all of that time go? Our summer started with the arrival of our first baby, Snickers, our new Golden Retriever puppy. Doesn't she look so sweet? Well, she has grown into the proverbial puppy monster, into every project that is up on a table or stored underneath. She has eaten her fair share of paper tags, all cut , stamped, packaged and ready to go. Bad dog!! And she loves buttons of any color or size.

Our next baby arrived in Denver, a few short days before our trip to Spokane for Farm Chicks. Can you tell that my son is one happy Papa? My husband and I have been back to Denver 2 more times this summer to see how Hagen is growing. Seems like he changes so much every week. Eileen will have the stork visiting in Atlanta with a baby boy in early November. There is nothing more precious than grand babies!! And you can give them back to get that precious sleep that we old people need!

Getting everything ready for the Farm Chicks show up in Spokane was a major priority in late spring and early summer. We designed our booth set up, collected and tagged hundreds of items, prayed that Hagen wouldn't arrive at the same time and finally packed up the vehicles and headed north. We had such a great time, met so many wonderful people, vendors and customers and just enjoyed being together, the Mooners. You can count it as a long Girls' Night Out, or a short Girls' Escape. Whatever the name, it was a blast!

Lots of time is spent searching Estate and Garage Sales for the incredible vintage finds that we are able to offer you., the client/customer. Some hunts are definite duds, discouraging to waste time and gas on no treasure finds at all. Then other treasure hunts are very rewarding. Eileen & I have become the "Turn Around Queens" seems like we are always lost. Just part of the great adventure. See the sign below. That was the address for one of our sales. We were quite amused to find a street like that in urban Portland. Not improved is right!!

Summer always means time with my grand babies who live nearby. They come to stay for the day so Mom can escape for some down time.... or they come to stay overnight so Mommy and Daddy can have their own week-end together. We have a great time doing projects, Jacen loves my Cricut, swimming and playing in the woods. We're thinking of building a big fort out in the woods, a big shed actually with lots of windows. Camp outs would be very fun. Jacen wants to sleep with the animals.

My little swimmer!

Eileen & I both have end of the summer trips planned to visit family before the Fall shows start and we continue listing our summer finds on the website in earnest. It's usually beautiful here through Sept. and into Oct. That makes up for our summer not starting until after the 4th of July. I love soccer games in the crisp fall air.
Time to get started on those tags that were eaten and maybe 5 or 10 of the new ideas we have.
Stay tuned for lots of action here as soon as Summer is really over!

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Penny For Your Thoughts said...

Hello, I just jumped over to your blog from your online web store. I've had such a good time looking at all the wonderful things you have listed. And your prices are very reasonable. I found you in my Romantic Homes magazine, October 2009 issue under the "Make Mine Pink". It's been two days and I've only gotten through yours and one other .com.

Best wishes with the upcoming show season. And for sure, I'll be back. There were a couple of pieces of china I am pretty interested in.

Penny Sue