Monday, August 3, 2009


We're having a huge bang (thunder and lightning) of a send off for our newest boondoggle Monday morning. My crazy friend Sue and I are on the road officially to visit our sons in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, junking and laughing all the way. Sue will get to meet little Hagen for the first time and I will get to see him again now that he is 2 months old. Already I am missing Eileen, but know that she is working on weddings and caring for her parents.

We are in central Oregon now, hot by day and thunderstorms by night. Tonight is a real boomer, right over the top of us. Last night there were over 2,000 lightning hits and tonight may double that. The skies have been lit up for an hour now and the thunder is almost non-stop. It's a great experience, but we have unplugged computers, flashlights are ready. Crazy enough, we are watching The Storm on TV when we have reception as the storm rages outside.

Tomorrow morning the hubbies will head back to Portland after a round of golf and Sue and I, commonly know as Thelma and Thelma ('cause nobody wanted to be Louise), will try to get to Pocatello, Idaho. We never set a schedule or a driving plan, instead we wake up when we want to, stop for strange little shops, weird photo ops and anything fun and interesting. It really is a hoot and a half. We will be keeping you well informed of all of our activities.

Until tomorrow!

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Patricia said...

What a fun way to take a trip! Stop when you want and no deadlines to meet, perfect! Enjoy yourselves, stay safe. Can't wait for the next installment.
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