Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On To New Adventures with Stars in Our Eyes

Eileen & I have decided to jump into a new adventure after talking about it for a long time. We hope to combine our talents again to start a new line of stationery and framed or matted prints to begin. We both love the floral shots and the out of ordinary themes. We also enjoy the idea of returning to the handwritten note, replacing our usual quick emails.

I have been greatly blessed with the ability to travel, so we will use photos from some of my trips. Eileen will use her incredible gifts of composition and design to work on still life themes using our vintage finds. It will truly be an eclectic collection. Something for everyone.

Our colors will range from the soft, natural pastels of garden flowers and country/farm scenes to the bright and enthusiastic colors of fruits, people and sometimes, buildings. We never know what we will find, much like our treasure hunts for vintage items.

So, we are anticipating a two or three week span of time to get things figured out with printers and cameras, then our program should be rolling. We'll let you know when the photos are being listed... but keep on checkin' our site! Who knows what will pop up!!

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