Monday, August 10, 2009


Rollin', rollin', rollin', keep them doggies rollin' !! We drove and drove today. The boys left for the airport in Denver and we headed for points northwest from this wonderful little town called Gold Hill, CO. Things have remained the same here for over 100 years. The homes have been restored to the original condition as best as possible. The residents are mostly artists or involved in the mining industry.

An elderly lady lived in this home and had for longer than I have been alive. She had made a little sitting area outside, beautiful flowers in the front and a small birdhouse by the front door. Check out the original boardwalk in front of the house.

This resident had made a collection of birdhouses and attached them to his fence. Each house was different, very rustic and very well used. Loved them all lined up.

Another home across the street had decorated one corner of her yard with an old claw foot bath tub filled with summer flowers. Keep in mind that we are at about 8,500 feet in elevation, so the flowers are smaller and a bit behind in the growth cycle than we have at home right now. As hard as it was to breathe, I am surprised that anything grows at all!

This was our man of the day!! We found him in Lander, Wy. Obviously he is an artist with duct tape, not to mention an incredible engineer in being able to tape that car together! On the driver's side, he has masterfully taped his rear view mirror to the outside of his door and the interior of the door taped to the inner sides of the same door. Incredible. We were all laughing as we pulled out of the convenience store.
On to Yellowstone tomorrow! We found a room tonight at the Brandin' Iron Inn in West Yellow-stone. How lucky is that? We'll see tomorrow!!


blushing rose said...

Love your post, the pics say it all. Love finding places & thigns like this. TTFN ~Marydon

gail said...

Hi Karen,,, It looks like you are having a wonderful vacation. Thanks for sharing your pictures. So very pretty. I love the new budding and inspiring artist you have found in your travels. lol
(()) Gail Friend

Mary said...

I could not stop laughing at the picture of the car!!! Oh my!! I have threatened my husband that if I ever see another roll of duct's over! But, the car is classic! Hope your sweet dog is doing well too. Love Mary