Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Memories of Farm Chicks

Sorry for the late post today. You know when you come home from a trip you just get slammed with everything...tons of shipping to do, laundry and catch up in every other facet of life! But today I'm running on sweet memories of Farm Chicks. Good times shared with priceless friends, and new friends made are the best of those memories. I loved the experience in every way. Even the hard part as my Mom use to say, "good hard work is of the Lord". Here are more pics that I promised I would post including some sights and stops on our trip home. Thanks for sharing our journey with us! I'm sure there will be another Road Trip on our not so distant future, because.....well, we must!

We were excited to meet Lisa and her friend Isabel whom we've been blogging with before the show! Turns out we live nearly each other and a lunch date is in our future! Their booths were to die for!
JohnBob Cool Junk

Jardin's awesome booth...such nice ladies!

Candywinkle...darling candy themed gifts!

A cool display at Second Childhood Friends.

We stopped in the tiny town and Connell on the way home and hit the jackpot...3 antique stores! We scored here...

Scored big time here...

This one was a "small mall"...spent $4! Too much fun!
Part of the Gorge are filled with Wind Turbines. You know Oregon and their "green" mentality! Pretty Cool! What could be a better ending to our trip than a gorgeous sunset!


Feedsack Fantasy said...

Glad you had a successful & enjoyable trip. Now back to reality ... chuckle! TTFN ~ Marydon

gail said...

Hi Eileen and Karen... How fun to read all about your Farm Chicks adventure. Oh my what a job!!! I laughed seeing the pick up trucks knowing where they were heading! lol I would have loved to have been there. Such beautiful booths. Everyone sure puts an amazing amount of work into their booths. I sure hope it was a huge success for everyone! Thanks for sharing your journey! I am glad you both made it back home safe! Hugs, gail

Barb said...

I really enjoyed following your trip and seeing all the booths. I wish I could have gone. Hope it was a great success for you!

Patricia said...

I just caught up on the posts of your trip start to finish. The aprons are adorable. glad you had such a busy time and the trip itself on the way home sounds like it was all time well spent. Would love to be able to go to Farm Chicks one day!
Patricia Rose=APotpourri of Fabric, Fragrance, and Findings

Coleen said...

hey Eileen!!
What a time we all had, huh??? I went to your booth a few times before the show and you were not there...probably shopping, huh??? Me, too! I hope you don't mind that I snapped a picture of part of your wonder-filled booth and put it on my blog....

Heart Hugs,

GEORGIA said...

Eileen and Karen,
Thanks for sharing your adventure! I so wish I could have been there. It must be amazing to see all those wonderful treasures in one place! Also, I like that you made your stops along the way home....more fun!!
Would love to see the two of you again. Any trips to SoCA in your future?
Love and Hugs!

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