Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day, Reflections on a Great Dad

I was stumped on what to write for today's blog. Father's Day is over, on to something new and different. But... is it really over until a year from now? No, every day is Father's Day in my heart. My dad passed away several years ago following a surprise battle with a cancerous brain tumor. There was barely time to say good-bye, but the little time that we did have left together blessed me with memories that fill my heart to this day.

We were best buddies. I loved sports almost as much as he did, so he taught me to play baseball, basketball and football just like the neighborhood guys. On his deathbed, he told me that a Little League Coach had asked if I could be on his team, my mom thought it inappropriate. He said that he was so proud of me and still was. He taught me to believe in myself and the talents that God had given me. He taught me to love the Lord with all my heart, to trust him with my hurts, joys, husband and children... now grandchildren. He was my role model, my teacher, advisor and friend. Today, my sons are great fathers because of what my father taught me and what he taught my husband. I can be thankful every day for a wonderful father who loved me enough to make a difference in his family for generations to come. My eldest grandson's middle name is John and my newborn grandson's first name is Hagen, my dad's family name. Tears of joy come when I see how his love is passed on. I love you Daddy!

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Louise said...

What a great tribute to your father. I really enjoyed reading this.....brought tears to my eyes!