Monday, June 1, 2009


All of my most precious treasures are back in their own little nests, safely where they belong. Baby Hagen is in his home for the first time, away from the sounds and smells of the hospital, home with just his mommy and daddy and little dog Chi-Chi. Grandma is there from Wisconsin helping until the new mommy is back on her feet and new routines have been established. My turn comes in a couple weeks when the sleep deprivation becomes overwhelming.

My only grand daughter, Jaina, was enthralled with her new cousin, returning to Hagen over and over just to whisper "Hi, Baby". She was so gentle and so curious. Amazing to see the natural mothering instinct in an almost 2 year old. She is a sweetheart!

And my Jacen. You know him already. Since Hagen wasn't big enough to play yet, he didn't hold too much interest for an active 5 year old. Yes, nice to have another boy in the family, but "he's too tiny to do anything fun, Nana". Oh you just wait, Jacen! Such beautiful babies we have been blessed to have in our family. Being a Nana is about the very best job I have ever had... more like a gift actually.
Well, are you ready for the coming week ahead? Farm Chicks here we come!! Monday and Tuesday we will be finishing our mock set up and packing the truck. Wednesday we will all take the day to pull things together at home and pack our own necessities. Early Thursday morning we will rev up the truck and 3 cars for the caravan drive up to Spokane. It should take us between 8 to 9 hours depending on the number of stops and how fast the truck can go. Friday is the set up all day for the actual sale on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night we tear everything down, hopefully not having much to pack up to take home. Monday, the long drive back to Portland, unpacking and back to life as we know it. We will take you along for the entire week via our blog. Tune in and join us for all of the festivities. I know we will need your support and encouragement as our aging bodies start giving out on us!!! We look forward to sharing all of our experiences with you!
Karen & Eileen


Feedsack Fantasy said...

What a beautiful family ... & wonderful g'ma for helping everyone out. Isn't it fun? Bless you all ... TTFN ~ Marydon

Graceful Rose said...

The new baby is adorable! The other babies are precious too, even if they are not babies anymore. I have 8 grandchildren and I love each one and I love being a grandma! Congratulations again. I hope your Farm Chicks adventure is a big success. I signed up to do 2 craft shows in the fall so I will begin preparing all summer. Best of luck to all of you.