Monday, June 15, 2009

A Fresh Start on Monday

After working on our Farm Chicks show for so long, it's back to reality, back to work and onward to new projects and new ideas. We're ready for a fresh start, even if it is in mid June! We have lots of new listings to get up on our website, spotlighting new artists that have been close enough to bite us! We're excited to introduce our friends to you and fill a fun new catagory for us... Whimsy, with all of its fun colors and designs. I am hoping to finally get some of my photographs made into stationery so you can visit the English countryside, beautiful Oregon landscapes, Italian scenery and some funny personal shots with me. Since our aprons at Farm Chicks were such a hit, we are attempting to get more of those sewn so you can have your own, or purchase the pattern.
So keep watching our website for brand new items and our blog for new ideas and happenings. Who knows, another road trip may be in the plans soon!

1 comment:

Carolee Crafts said...

Good Luck on your fresh start, sometimes nice to clear the decks and start again.

Cannot wait to see your new projects.