Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh What A Day! Road Trip Day Two!

Oh what a day we had today! We were a little disappointed when we got up this morning and found it raining. The weather man had promised a better day, but such is common in Oregon, especially at the Coast. But when we are on the hunt, nothing can keep us down for long! Well...almost nothing!
This was our first and best stop of the day! We met Gwen a former antique dealer liquidating her stash as a new business is taking her in a different direction. She was a real sweetheart and Karen and I enjoyed talking to her! Just as we were getting ready to leave, a gust of wind picked up the canvas of her canopy and dumped the rain that had gathered on top, right on my head! went right down the neck of my jacket and I was soaked all the way to my knees! Brrrr! So we had to make a trip to McDonald's so I could change clothes. Have you ever tried to change in a stall to tiny you can hardly turn around...without taking off your shoes (ewww, not happening in a community bathroom!). But I managed and we were back on the road.

A quick stop at one of our coastal favorites, The Pirate Pastry Shop! They make the best cookies! My favorite one is her Pie Crust cookies. They remind me of being a kids and watching my Mom make pies!

We decided to hit a few more sales and mosey down the coast. The further South we drove the nicer the weather got so we were glad about that. We stopped in one community and got a real kick out of this house. Apparently they were not to thrilled when their neighbors across the street built their home right in front of their ocean view. So, they built up! Too funny...looking!

We saw this place and had to turn around and check it out. It was the What Not Shop. We didn't buy anything here, but we thought his display was funny, and effective! It got us to stop!

The Oregon Coast is so gorgeous. We had a fun time stopping to take photos and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Karen is a wonderful photographer and it was fun to see her in element!
This view is of the Heceta Lighthouse and Visitors Center. So gorgeous!

One last favorite pic of the day...a wild patch of Forget Me Nots! We are enjoying relaxing in the hotel room tonight and looking forward to an early morning at the Flea Market! We will be picking up a few special items that will be included in our Road Trip Blog Giveaway! Be sure and check in tomorrow for details! Have a great day everyone!

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Patricia said...

Looks like you are having great fun, what a gorgeous trip you are doing. Wonderful scenery. Have fun and stay safe (and dry)

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