Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Make Mine Pink's Friday Shopping Event

Whenever I come across one of my favorite things, I feel a sudden flutter. Do you know the the feeling? It's a little thrill that tells me this is something special. Maybe it's a memory that the item brings to mind or perhaps it's just the way it catches the sunlight. Maybe you’re not really sure what it is about this particular item, you just recognize the pleasure it gives you when you see it.Whimsical treasures always stir that feeling in me. Faux pastries iced with lace and trimmed with vintage laces, pink polkadots on cupcakes and tiaras on clocks, things I only imagined in places I never expected. Vintage china pieces hand painted with roses, just like the ones my grandmother used to set, create that same inexplicable feeling of delight. Table linens in particular, remind me of the special teas I shared with her so many years ago. Almost anything with a pretty scent is on my list of favorite things.

Beautifully wrapped scented soaps, displayed in a ceramic bathtub, covered in roses. Sometimes I'll tuck and extra fragrant bar into a drawer to add a bit of fragrance to my clothing.In the bedroom, armfuls of flower-covered pillows are piled on the bed - the more the better. Dainty hankies draped over the shade of a favorite bedroom lamp, create just the right lighting for a summer night. A crystal vase placed on a table in the center of the room sparkles in the sunlight and makes me smile when it catches my eye.Favorite things come in all shapes and sizes, colors and scents. Whatever stirs that little flutter in you, you're sure to discover it at Make Mine Pink.

Written By: Joyce Lucas, Founder Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: The Pink Rose Cottage Photo Contribution 2: Gail Friend Designs Photo Contribution 3: Angel Heart Designs

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Amanda said...

that clock is cute.