Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Working With A Best Friend

Have you ever craved being with a friend? Doing things that you love together? Today was my day after months of waiting. Eileen and I were actually able to pull out projects that we had been planning and actually sit down together to work.... side by side. It was Heaven. We chatted, solved world problems and sewed. SEWED!! It was bliss. Tomorrow we will be able to finish a few to list and show you on our website.

This is one of my favorite photos taken years ago when we first started working together. My grandson was 2 then and so eager to try everything we were doing. He just loves Eye-eeen.

We all have special friends who become more than special to us. Eileen and Linda have become my sisters. I know that I can go to them with any problem, any need and they will help, in love. We 3 love to create together and work together. Gifts they are!

Then we are blessed with new friends and new opportunities. This wonderful woman has invited us into her dream, a vision that she has had most of her life, but didn't know how to create it. We're all trying together. A smile straight from Heaven!

Then we all have the wild and crazy friend, Sue is mine! We go on road trips together, road trips not for sissies! This photo was taken after a small run in with German border entry officials. The smile is all relief that we were not in jail. The big question.... would our husbands come to find us? Our road trip names are Thelma and Thelma because no one wanted to be Louise.

My dad was my closest friend for many years until he left for Heaven. His knowledge and wisdom still rings in my heart and mind today, his hug and laugh are just a heartbeat away. I'm sure that many of my eccentric quirks are straight from my dad and probably drive Eileen nuts!!

Then we have the wonderful four legged friends, the friends who show us complete unconditional love without being taught. My out of control, 85 pound puppy brings me such joy.
Isn't life wonderful? Even if money may be in short supply, sickness abounds and people disappoint, we always have our gifts, our talents to use and our friends to bring laughter, love and comfort. Do what you love and then hug a friend, or both at the same time if you are truly blessed like me!

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