Monday, January 25, 2010

A Productive and Inspiring Week

We jumped into our new adventure this past week! A friend in need has asked us to decorate the large inside shop of her newly purchased nursery property. It is a wonderful spot in downtown Lake Oswego.

This is the room that we started with. The previous manager had displayed in a rather linear design style which appeared more like a warehouse than the warm and inviting space that the owner had seen in her dreams.

This is the other half of the large room. There is not much walk by traffic, but instead, lots of drive by lookers. Window displays had to be bold, colorful and rather large to be seen.

This is our cottage section, mostly white, cream and pastels. We love the quiet serenity of this area. Fresh potted flowers will be positioned to add a touch of nursery color.

We decided on a dramatic black and white vignette for the entry, at one side of the front door. Vintage pieces were mixed with garden and even some contemporary items to complete the Estate Garden look. It turned out nice don't you think?

Along with a vintage kitchen corner with vintage finds and linens, a Valentine's Day vignette and a more elegant glass and china center area, we designed a small garden spot using our trademark greenhouse and post digger garden table. This area blends in with the garden supply area.

We have decided that our talents together are God given and not anything that we have attained on our own. We also believe that people are brought to us so we can use those talents to help others. The woman who now owns this shop just found out that her husband has Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. He can no longer run their family business which is a large wholesale nursery. She has no experience in retail selling or merchandising. The anxiety was palpable. So while we were setting up the inside shop, other friends were working on her computer systems, organizing the landscaping plants outside and helping customers who were already starting to come in to shop. I don't know who was blessed more! Gradually the paralysis of extreme stress began to lift from our new friend, we actually saw a few smiles. Prayers will be needed for our friend Dani, that she will gain strength and confidence, that her dream of a little retail shop will not only come true, but thrive, and the fears about her future with her husband will be calmed.

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Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Oh Eileen, what a great job you've done on your friend's shop. And what a nice thing to do - sounds like she really needs you. Thanks for stopping by. The whole Martha event was a lot of fun. Have a great week!