Monday, January 18, 2010

On the Way Home

We're on our way back home today, hoping that our flight will be on time and that all will be well when we arrive. Our 10 days in the desert air went by much too quickly and the sun was wonderful. I am disappointed to feel no change to my poor tired lungs, but it was a good effort.

January is a big question mark down here as to weather. Storms and rain are to roll in all of this week. Everything seems to be very dry. The desert is not blooming yet and even the birds are missing.

I'm sure our next trip will be much more colorful and filled with bird songs. The old nesting spots are ready and waiting!

1 comment:

Mary Patterson said...

Loved those pictures, especially the bird's nest. Hope you have everything back to normal by now & are relaxed after the big trip.
Mary Patterson