Thursday, February 5, 2009

Home Again Home Again!

There's no doubt about it...there's no place like home!(by the way, this is not either of our homes...but I can dream!) We are back from our travels and although we love the hunt for new ideas and products, it feels great to be back! We're getting back in the swing of things with a Pink Friday celebration!
Join us at Forget Me Not Dreams and Make Mine Pink for Be My Valentine! If you'd like to receive our exclusive Preferred Customer discount, use this link to sign up for our weekly newsletter. See you on Friday!


Michelle Palmer said...

Just discovered your blog & had a great time visiting! Fun~
Wishing you wonderful!

gail said...

Hi Eileen and Kathy,, I wish I realized you were in Tucson. I am so close, I could have been there in an hour and 45min. I have never made it down to the gem show, but have heard amazing things. I am glad you made it home. Hope your feeling better.
LOL about the house. I was thinking man one of them has a beautiful home! :) hugs, gail