Monday, February 23, 2009

All Dressed Up!

Did you happen to catch the Academy Awards last night? I just love watching the red carpet, all that glam! So who’s dress was your favorite, your least? I have to watch the after interviews today to see if my guesses were right! Although I don’t usually get into the who’s who of Hollywood , I love watching the stars get all dressed up in their finest in celebration of their finest. And although there is plenty with that industry that I can’t buy into, still I am grateful for the opportunity they provide to escape reality for a bit, laugh and be entertained. I loved Hugh Jackman’s opening act! Who new he was so multi talented! I loved the tactile way the show was presented, the typeset presentations, the authentic displays done for the costuming awards. How is it they keep coming up with something new every year to keep it fresh! Hmmm, I guess when you think about it, that’s exactly what our industries have in common; the ability to keep re-inventing itself and putting it’s best foot forward. I love that!
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Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Hi Eileen,
I love watching the Oscars too. I thought Hugh was great. I loved the dresses of Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus and the actress from Titanic (I am drawing blank on her name right now). I love the red carpet too. We call the Oscars my "superbowl" in my house!

Susan said...

I was waiting for a Janet Jackson moment with the Sarah Jessica Parker dress...obviously Michelle Obama unleashed the one shoulder look also...
Susan *dutchrose*

gail said...

I saw the last couple hours of it. I was with friends. I am usually not an awards show person. LOL But it was fun being with friends. I do love the escape of the movies too! Have a great week, and happy creating... hugs, gail

Patricia said...

I am in the minority of people who just does not enjoy the award shows. So I didn't watch it last night, was curled up with a book and early to bed.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

kath@retromantic antiques said...

Aren't the Oscars fun? I liked it this year too. My favorite dress I think was Amy Adams. kath

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

I don't usually watch....but Hugh Jackman ..mmmmy so I did catch some of it. Sean Penn reminded me of why I don't usually watch.
I loved SJP's gown.


Cottage Flair said...

I caught pieces of it. I love to see what everyone is wearing and then see what the "experts" had to say about it the next day.

Debbie said...

We don't get the Oscars on satellite but I think they will be doing a rerun on A&E sometime this week and I'll catch them then....can't wait to see the pretty gowns!

Pink hugs,

Nancy said...

I loved the format of last nights show! It was very reserved with a lot of Human Interest portrayed, like when the previous 5 Best Actresses addressed this years category nominees. And yes the opening, very well done for hollywood. Yes SJP's dress was 2die4!
Huggs, Nancy

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Eileen!

I watched the Oscars and got a kick out of all the dresses they wore. I am glad that Kate Winslet won. She is so pretty and I loved her in Titanic. They did a nice job with this years Oscar.
Have a great day Pinkie!
Janet's Creative Pillows

zoebabie said...

Ohh...i missed it again, hopefully will checkout magazines or yahoo, i do love seeing every celebrities in their beautiful dress and commemts hehe:)

I always admire my favourite actress Nicole Kidman! Her elagance and gorgeous always remind me Oscar red carpet.