Monday, July 21, 2008

The Royal Treatment!

Wow, did I get the royal treatment or what! A few weeks ago I entered The Scented Cottage blog contest…and WON! My package arrived the other day from Francie so I wanted to show you how special it is! Take at look at her gorgeous presentation! Francie did a beautiful job. From the minute I opened the box open, it was a sensory experience with yummy eye candy to the sweet mellow fragrance. Take at look at her fabulous packaging and then the wonderful treasures inside. It was such a treat receiving her gift. She made my own sweet little cake! Isn’t it adorable! You can own one too…just visit her website!

Francie’s love for scents developed at an early age. I just love her story….”Growing up with a father in government service meant many moves and living in many different places. "Home" to us was our Aunties cottage in Louisiana. I had my own bedroom there and spent many happy times there in between Daddy's posts sometimes for a year at a time. Outside one window was a honeysuckle bush whose scent would waft over me and lull me to sleep. To this day the scent of honeysuckle takes me back to that time and place. Marrying a military man meant more moves and more places and different jobs...but the scent of honeysuckle could always take me home.”

The Scented Cottage is dedicated to bringing you the finest and sweetest treasures for your
home. We try to package them beautifully and with love and care. We use only the finest ingredients in our scented products so that we can bring you your own scent memories or help you make new ones for yourself, family and friends."
Thanks so much Francie! You can find all of Francies goodies at:


lisa said...


What a wonderful gift to receive. Francie's packages smell so good too.

Congratulations girlie.


Craft Diva said...

yep...francie is pretty awesome! thanks for sharing, eileen!

Patricia said...

That is such a lovely gift to receive. The presentation is lovely, glad you felt like a queen for the day.


gail said...

Hi Eileen,,, thanks for sharing your gorgeous gift from Francie. She is a sweetie for sure. Always so generous. Ihope your having a great day...(()) hugs, gail

Inka Thomas said...

Thank you for sharing Francie's story and her wonderful prize to you. Very nice. I love honeysuckle also.

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Eileen, You hit the jackpot! Everything looks so wonderful! Wow!
Hope you had a great vacation.
Pink hugs, Karen

Janet Bernasconi said...

OMG..Eileen you must have been blown away with Francie's gift and presentation! I know I was when she sent me my gift. She has such good taste! Looove what you got! Oh I am so jealous! I want more of Francie's gifts! lol
Enjoy it all Eileen. And thank you for sharing it with us.
Janet's Creative Pillows

Silena said...

Hi Eileen,
Oh what a lucky lady....a gift from Francie is surely very special!! And so very beautiful!!

Theresa said...

Francie's gifts keep on giving. I am still using the polka dot tissue, and pink cloth not to mention the real gifts, lol. She really knows how to have a giveaway.
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Eileen, What a beautiful gift. Francie's packages smell divine! Thanks for sharing.

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Wow, the gift from Francie was certainly beautiful! You must be so delighted to receive it!

Pei Li

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

ohh and the other ladies are too kind ! Thank you all for your sweet comments, I really do appreciate them.
I hope everyone will stop by my blog and enter, Moday thru Thursday still lots to give away... I use a random number generator so everyone has a good chance of winning.


Michelle M. May said...

Eileen you are one lucky girl! What a fantastic prize! Francie is one generous lady.

Susan - My Vintage Charm said...

Eileen...WOW!! Lucky You!! What a wonderful gift! How sweet of you to feature Francie's work!