Monday, July 7, 2008

Dr. Rob's Bakery

My new past time is baking, lots and lots of baking, in fact, I have become Dr. Rob's Bakery assisted by lots of friends and family. My youngest son's best friend Rob, is a medical resident, training to become a pediatrician. In April, he was informed that he would be going to Afghanistan to begin his repayment to the Navy for his medical training. He is now with the 2/7 Marines somewhere in Afghanistan until November.

Since this young man is like our third son, I knew I had to do something for him and the troops that he is caring for. Dr. Rob's Bakery was born on my son's birthday this year. Since then, we have sent out 26 boxes to the Marines with Dr. Rob, 66 dozen cookies, 10 loaves of banana bread and 10 big pans of brownies. Every week-end I bake as much as possible, my daughter-in-law & I collect other treats and necessities to add to each box and friends come to help pack and transport to the post office. 20 sponsors have signed up to send a box through Dr. Rob's bakery. I developed a little system so the sponsors will see the fruits of their generosity. When the box is shipped, the sponsor is told exactly what was in the box and when it was sent. When the package is received in Afghanistan, the sponsor is notified and Rob is also sent information on who sponsored the box. It has been an incredibly rewarding project. Each cookie is delivered with a gentle thought of peace and love and a prayer for safety, physically and emotionally. Eileen & I have chosen Dr. Rob's Bakery as our company charity this year. Our hearts are touched by those willing to sacrifice so much and we encourage any one to join us if your heart is moved.
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lisa said...


What a wonderful thing that you are doing. Your generosity is amazing.


Patricia said...

What a thoughtful way to make a difference. Sending a bit of love and home is just what these guys need. Some of my son's friends are over there too, I will certainly be adding a special prayer that Dr. Rob comes home safely, too.


Michelle M. May said...

Wonderful Eileen! Just wonderful! God bless our troops and all the sweet people that care so much for them.


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

I just love that !!! That is a wonderful way to spend your weekends because I know it touches their hearts when your boxes come in the mail !

GEORGIA said...

What a wonderful thing to do! Love that your son is involved, too! You are doing a wonderful, thoughtful thing for some equally wonderful and brave people....God bless them all!

Prayers will be said for Dr. Rob's safe return home!

Grandma G's

Sher said...

What a wonderful and LOVING tribute to your son's friend! He has to feel extra special to know you care so much!

Debbie said...

What a special thing that you are doing. It undoubtedly gives the guys/gals something to look forward to. And the prayers are important, too. Praying the 91st Psalm of protection is a wonderful one.
Debbie ~ Rosehill

gail said...

Hi ,,, WOW what a wonderul charity you have organized. You two are so busy already, and to make this a priority is awesome. I know all of this hard work is worth it when the troops get homemade baked goods. I am sure it makes their day and its great for your sponsors too! Thanks for sharing. I love to hear good news. luv, gail

Susan said...

What a wonderful gesture! Bravo!

Inka Thomas said...

That is so inspirational. Thanks for sending it Those Marines are very blessed with you and Karen.

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

What a wonderful gesture! I know the baked goods are appreciated! (( )) to Dr. Rob for serving alongside the many men and women who are already there!

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Eileen, You are so generous. I know they really appreciate all you do, having a bit of home makes a difference.

Craft Diva said...

that is such an awesome thing that you are doing for the troops! i am so proud of you ladies for sacrificing your time and your kitchens for this project.

Cottage Flair said...

That is an amazing thing you are doing. I'm sure it makes all the guys feel like people care.

Susie said...

You are just amazing! How wonderful to send all your packages made with love.
Susie ~ The Polka Dot Rose

Silena said...

Hi Eileen,
May God bless you both for your generosity to our beloved Marines. You are an inspiration to us all and may Dr. Rob and his fellow Marines come home safely in body and spirit!!

Janet Bernasconi said...

Oh Eileen,

I absolutely love your tribute. Your son looks handsome and what an honor that he is helping us keep our freedom. I support the troops deeply. I will keep him in my prayers. You are a good person for what you are doing. I am sure they will love it.
Janet's Creative Pillows

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

What a amazing thing you are doing. You are so giving and thoughtful. I'm sure the Marines would be so happy and grateful for what you have done!

Pei Li

Susan - My Vintage Charm said...

Eileen, what a thoughtful thing to do! I'm sure very much appreciated by the troops that are lucky enough to receive these packages of goodies made from LOVE.

God Bless you and all those that are helping you. You are blessing these troops in ways I'm sure will impact their lives forever! Thank you!

SoCal Helene said...

That a wonderful thing!! Thank you for sharing with us!
Have a great week!
Sisters Gift Company