Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Breakdown in Belgium, Thank You Hertz!!

Here it is, our 2012 breakdown.  We were happily driving down the autostrada in Belgium when our clutch decided to depart for transmission heaven.  Gone, completely gone.  Sue got us pulled over, off of the freeway and we coasted onto the side of a street.  We started walking then to look for a shop or somewhere open who could call Hertz for us. 

Since everything closes, and I mean everything, between 12:30 and 2:00, we were so fortunate to find a wonderful young woman in a mobile phone store who could make the call for us.  We were told that a tow truck would be finding us in an hour.  Great!  Much better than our 2010 experience with Hertz.  We went to find a cold drink and a quick sandwich.


Mike, our tow truck driver, was so kind and helpful, also a wealth of information.  We learned much about life in Belgium.  Mike works 2 jobs, his wife one job and spends much time raising their 4 year old daughter.  They feel that they can only afford to have one child if they plan on sending her on to higher education.  If she is not able to pass the exams, then they will be able to help her buy a home.

Our car being hauled into the Hertz office.  The agent there asked if we were bringing the car back with a full tank of gas!  What??!!  A new car was obtained and off we went.  Since Hertz is now 2 for 2 on breakdowns, it's time to find a new rental company!

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