Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crossing the Channel, Good Bye to the White Cliffs

It's time to say good bye to Britain, understanding the language and our wonderful afternoon cream teas.  I will really miss those!  Our hotel here in Dover backs up to the legendary white cliffs.  Other than the cliffs, this is a very busy working town.

As we pushed away from our ferry dock, the magnitude of the number of ferries hauling people across the channel to the continent, the huge cargo ferries headed to the continent and ships of all kinds.  Amazing!!

After disembarking, we discovered that we were at the wrong station to collect our new rental car, so a taxi was summoned and off we went, in search of Hertz.  Not our favorite company to deal with as we had terrible problems in France 2 years ago.  No choice. 

We drove straight to Belgium and our next farm B & B.  This beautiful windmill was one of our first finds.
the landscape is much different here, very flat, but the same beautiful greens in fields and trees.

Architecture has changed.  Rock is still used, different colors, mostly tile roofs and windows with many different colors and patterns of shutters.  The houses are more plain in shape and decoration.  Everything is so very clean, including garden spaces and the yards around the houses and the streets.

The first two to greet us when we found our farm house!  Couldn't be better.

This is the outside of our new home for 2 nights.  Bikes to ride if we have the time and energy.  Inside the door is a large gathering room and the stairs to get to Sue's and my room upstairs under the roof beams.

Such a peaceful and relaxing outside place,  we came to read and plan our days and map our trips.

All of the animals gather as 2 of the children on holiday throw them stale bread.  Goats, chickens, one horse, donkeys and 2 dogs.  Tomorrow we're off to visit Brugges!  Come with us as we wander!

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