Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paradise Found We Think....

We learned of this Mill House Bed and Breakfast from a motor cycle couple we met at lunch yesterday.  They spoke little to no English and of course, we speak no Dutch.  So, all of us tried our best and eventually
we got the closest city written down.  We'll log that into Brenda, our GPS unit, and hope for the best!

On the way, we ended up behind this little cart drawn by a huge horse.  Note the dog kind of hanging off of the back.  This community was into sheep raising and they were moving fields so the sheep had more grass to graze on.  The cart would be parked, the horse tied up alongside the road near the current field.  The dog would hop out and the herder, in this case, the woman, and dog would go to work with the sheep filling the road.  The dog was incredible at keeping the sheep together and nipping at the heels of any stragglers.  At some point, the human herder would get ahead of the herd, open a gate and the sheep would be guided into the new pasture.  It looked so simple, but just one mistake by dog or human and there would be sheep scattered everywhere.  What a team! 

I love the little old Citroens that we often come across sitting in driveways.  Sometimes they are all refurbished, shiny and cool while others are in their original condition, still very cool.

This is the view from our bedroom window!  We found the old mill by chance, Sue spied the ancient wheel under the beautiful house above it.  We knocked and called out, but no one was home, so we pulled out our books and patiently waited for the owners' return.  After an hour, they did return and we begged for a room, actually two.  Suze got a beautiful room for one upstairs, it was serene and so beautifully furnished.  Sue and I drew the two bed room which is under remodeling, bright orange and brown... go Beavers!  The worst was the smell from someone who had broken the no smoking rule.  Uffda!!  We were so happy to be with the elegant owners, Benjamin and

The new puppy that no one could resist!  She was into everything and couldn't get enough petting and scratching behind her ears.  Too cute!

Another view from the back of the house, across the river and the old stone bridge.  If you can't relax here, then you have a major problem.  Everything was beautiful!

Sue reading on the terrace in the back, overlooking the river and the pastures beyond.  The perfect setting.  We loved it so much, the tranquility and the wonderful owners who only spoke French (Yikes!) we decided to stay another night.  Good bye Beaver room, Sue and I got to have a beautiful room next door to Suze.  We were also given a tour of the new construction which the owner is doing himself.  Since all original walls must be kept in place, it is a real trick to design around the old stone walls.  Ben has done an incredible job using old stone, timbers and beautiful fabrics.  Absolutely lovely.  The new floor will be a family unit with large loft bedrooms, parents bedroom, play space, bathrooms and a possible small kitchen area. If you are ever interested in any areas that we have visited, feel free to contact us!


Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Wow those views of the countryside are spectacular! I love that old car too.


Eileen & Karen said...

Rebecca, seeing them for real is absolutely incredible! This trip is such a gift.