Friday, September 21, 2012

The Road To Switzerland

 Ahhh, Switzerland!  The beauty here is beyond words.  This morning we drove to the two villages where my daughter in law's family has its roots.  They come from a long line of dairy farmers and the tradition was carried to America when Pam's grandfather started a large dairy farm in the Portland area.

Tunnel after tunnel... a major part of the Swiss highway system.  Our longest was over 4 miles long.  It is a great way to get through the mountain without disturbing the flora and fauna surrounding it.  The journey is a bit creepy though!

One of our infrequent hotel stays required us to walk through a small park to get to the restaurant for our breakfast meal.  These two yo yos couldn't resist climbing into one of the over-sized chairs found in the park. Once in, just try to move or get out!!!  I believe this show drew a crowd.

Within the city, buildings were painted beautiful pastel colors and many had gorgeous flower boxes.  We can tell that summer is drawing to a close and autumn is quietly moving in, changing the warm evenings to cool and mornings to misty clouds and much sharper temperatures in the 50s.  People around us are working as hard as the squirrels, cutting and stacking firewood for winter and cleaning their gardens. 

We left this town with heavy hearts, sure to miss the beauty and the warm and friendly people.  The car was packed and off we went, following Brenda's instructions to find Lichtenstein.  Why not, it's close and nobody has been there!  I'm excited!  We drove through windy roads for several minutes until I spied the sign below.  "Hey guys, we're in Germany!  Are we supposed to be here?"  No!  Another hour of driving and we were back to Switzerland, back to our city and ready to take a new route.  All in a day with  Brenda!

Our Swiss city had this beautiful centuries old covered bridge and we were back to take photos!

Pumpkins harvested from local gardens.  We found these in a wagon along the side of the road.  These are used for eating, not for jack-o-lanterns.

                                                              Next, on to Lichtenstein!

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Susie said...

Hi Ladies! Oh how I enjoyed reading about your travels and seeing all the beautiful pictures. My heart did a flutter missing Switzerland and Germany. Such beautiful countryside and sights. I so love the flower boxes and wonderful little shops. I felt like I was back there. Glad you two had a blast. Take care.
Susie, The Polka Dot Rose