Thursday, June 3, 2010

Farm Chicks! On The Road

Today was the big travel day! Eight hours on the road! We decided you can see allot of "stuff" in that many hours in the car! We love driving out the Gorge. Here is one of the many Dams we passed. Last year on our way here, we passed many huge semi's carrying one propeller for the many wind turbines being placed to capture the famous Gorge winds. We can't believe how huge one propeller is! As we wound our way a little further into farm country in rural Washington we were a bit surprised and disappointed to see so many wind turbines dotting the farms. Seems like the farmers have had to switch to becoming "wind farmers" to make ends meet. It a good thing for them, and also to create sustainable energy, but a bit sad to see the beauty of the farmland change. We rolled into Spokane just in time to meet Karen's family for dinner at "Chaps" What a fun and funky place. They has a special "Farm Chicks" sign out in front of their restaurant so of course we had to take pics. This is Karen's niece Stephanie, Karen and me (Eileen). The decor was so fun...western with a funky girly twist! We loved the little boys western wear hanging in the entree

and this pink dresser display! Too much fun! Well, time to get to work pricing and finishing all the projects that need a this or a that. Tomorrow will be move in and set up day! Woo Hoo...or Yee Haw...which ever the case may be!


Wendy said...

Loved having dinner with both of you and the family!! Good luck this weekend, hope to come and see your awesome goods!

Pam said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Good luck this weekend!!

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