Monday, June 7, 2010

Farm Chicks~Favorites

We are on the road today...winding our way back home. Not sure if we'll make it by tonight or take a bit more time to enjoy the trip home and do a little visiting of family along the way. We'll see where the road takes us and touch bases when we get there. So be sure and leave a comment to be entered in our great blog giveaway!

But we had to share just a couple more pics from Farm Chicks. This was kind of funny...There are three bays in the fairground building and like we said in an earlier blog, we were swamped the first day of the show and hardly had time to even go to the bathroom, let alone get into either of the other rooms. We kept hearing announcements that said this or that was taking place at "the Cake". Finally we got to check it out and see this wonderful junk version of "the Cake!!

We also loved the Antique Carnation Delivery truck! It was such a fun display to greet customers as they came in the door! Just one more reason to love doing the Farm Chicks show. Be sure and leave a comment and you'll be entered in our great blog giveaway...a Farm Chicks Cookbook!


Jackie said...

I joined your e-mail and your blog and am now a follower on facebook. You had a great booth at the Farm Chicks.

Steph said...

it looks like you guys had so much fun! i wish i could see it in person!

Lauren S. said...

Loved it all! I was a lurker, and now Im a follower-yay :) Looks like a blast!

Sophia's said...

So nice to have you as neighbors at the Farm Chicks Show! It was a blast this year. Love your pics of everything. Thanks for all the tips!


Janet's Creations said...

That ol' milk truck is great unless of course it belongs to your neighbor and he parks it on his front lawn. Ha ha!

I love the pictures. Hope you had time to take more.