Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pink Friday's and Old Fashioned Christmas!

Christmas at Make Mine Pink continues with themed shopping on November 21st! Please join us as we continue celebrating the season with 25% off our Pink Friday category and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25 (before shipping)!
We loved this story shared by Sharon Wollman from Cest Chouette of her childhood memories of the holidays so we thought we would share it with you!

It happened every year~ right after Thanksgiving dinner. The men would go into the living and laugh and tell stories, and that is where the women wanted them. As the women cleared away the food and washed a dried the fine china and crystal, the discussion began. As children we listened, and waited for the big reveal. "Who will have Christmas?""Well Dale and Anita have the new house." (oh, goody a new house.) "But maybe we should have it at Rosie's, then Uncle Dave could be there" (Rosie had a sitting room that was never used throughout the year but at Christmas opened just like the most gloriously decorated present)"Is it Marilyn's turn?" (oh, yes! Marilyn had the very best sledding hill ever!)"How about Eddie and Ella's farm?" (in the foot hills of Marvin, South Dakota, it was always a scene from an Norman Rockwell painting) Truthfully, it didn't matter much to the cousins, we had Christmas activities planned at everyone house, each a little different. We knew Thanksgiving was just a prelude of the much grander holiday; Christmas was coming. Hundreds of relatives would dress in their Christmas finest, converge at the chosen location, and bring food. Oh the food would be grand; lutefisk, snadbakkels, lefse (with or with out sugar,) sage dressing with turkey liver, cranberries and lingonberries, oyster stew, yams with marshmallows. The finest turkey, the biggest ham and roast beef, too, all products of our farm lifestyle. And the trees, decorated with all the ornaments collected throughout many years of celebrating, some handcrafted, some came in boxes of DUZ©, some newly purchase and some from the old country. And best of all, the 'new' bubble lights. Whoever created bubble lights was a genius to us as kids. We loved looking at each ornament, hoping someone would tell us a story of this one or that one. Each year I buy a little more to decorate, add a new color here or there, purchase new ornament that resembles the old or an old ornament just like Mother had; building new traditions. As we place each ornament on the tree, I retell stories of my Christmases past and my daughters listen. I see in their eyes the understanding that Christmas is more than just us. It is traditions, families and beliefs. Happy Holidays!Sharon Wollman

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