Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We finished.... for this year!!

Phew! We finished breaking down our show last night, loading all of the trucks and vans with props, office needs and leftover product. The bits and pieces we brought in over the week added up to a lot by the time we had to pack everything up to take home.

We had a successful show and enjoyed the time we all spent together. Our board of 6 women having a great time. Now we are excited about getting ready for the Farm Chicks show in June. We will have 3 booths there and are planning the look of our spot and what we are going to make together and collect in our Estate Sale hunts.

Today our first big storm is blowing in. Lots of wind and rain is expected tonight and tomorrow. I have been watching the wind increase all day and the rain moving from a mist to a steady downpour. The poor people who live at the coast will probably have their first flooding of the season tomorrow. I love to watch the happenings outside, make soup and bread for dinner and then just snuggle down and listen to the rain with my husband. Storms in life and about life. Why can't I face my own storms with interest and expectancy, snuggling down with my faith? That warm soup and bread needs to be my study devotions every day. Just another life goal!


Steph said...

Yay! Now you have time to get crafty!! Maybe you should make my christmas gift too!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Wow !! it looks like everything is so gorgeous !!

Coleen said...

sorry I missed your show!!!....I did the HFGS at the convention center.....hey, I will be at Farm Chicks,too!!!!

Angela said...

Hi Eileen,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Wow, your show looks beautiful! I love, love, love Christmas pinks and white! Maybe someday I'll make it out to the Farm Chicks Show.

gail said...

Wow Eileen,, your show looks great. I would love to be in shows like these again. So much work, but sooo much fun!!! How exciting to be included in the Farm Chicks also.. have a nice day, hugs, gail