Sunday, August 26, 2012

From City to Farm...Only the Best!!

We have driven from our cottage in the city of Bath out to our farm stay in the midlands near Chipping Campden.  Our 2 rooms were upstairs in the 200 year old farm house, the best beds we have had during the entire trip so far.  Great shower and we are looking forward to an incredible breakfast with our hostess,

The view from our bedroom window!  We hear the bleating of the sheep well after dark and just after the sun rises.  So peaceful and the best night's sleep ever!  Our hosts raise and breed sheep, 1,500 of them at the moment.  And they love each one to pieces!

These beautiful white cattle are also part of the farm.  Just a few hundred head, but it still makes for a full life for Paul, Lucy and their two boys.  The farm is self sustaining, all of the cattle, sheep and chicken feed is grown on the farm.  In turn, the meat is butchered and cured to feed the family and sell for other needed products.  We enjoyed learning about this family's life and occupations.  Very interesting and comforting to see the farm life at work and the happiness and fufillment that it brings.

The symbol of the Farm Stay program that so farm families are joining.  The hospitality of our host family couldn't have been finer.  We appreciate their gracious provision and kind advice on places to visit and great inns for dinner.  There will never be a finer breakfast than Lucy's with the fresh eggs, sausage and incredible toast.  Yummy!

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