Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Adventures at the Silver Smith

My friends plotting their moves at the silver smith shop.  We actually found the shop on the first attempt, very unusual for us even if the directions are given in English!  We did find the rickity old stairs that our Lucy on the farm warned us about.  No fear was found and we bravely marched up the stairs to fun and treasures to be found!

This is Caroline, the new phenome farm girl who has discovered that she loves to create beautiful silver jewelry.  She shares the large silver smithery next door with the renowned smithy, David.

The shop is dark and dusty, crammed with tools and I was in heaven!  Most of the tools had been passed down from craftsman to craftsman, over 200 years.  David had found a man in the town who was throwing away junk that he had found in his basement, yes, silversmith tools centuries old.    David was pleased as punch to obtain them for his collection.  The use of the tools never changes.

We noticed these collections of papers hanging from the rafters and asked what they were.  "Why, the invoices for orders from the last 100 years of course" replied David.  Of course.  Eileen, a new filing system! The change in the paper over the years was very interesting.

David of course!  Master silversmith to the royal family and anyone else who can afford his beautiful workmanship.  He was working on a pair of gorgeous silver vases when we visited selling for 3,000 pounds each.  He has no need to advertise nor sell in shops as he has orders to finish this year and next.  Absolutely incredible craftsmanship.

Different sized hammers to work the silver and also to give the hammered look.  Sizes depend on the size of "dent" you need.

This huge collection of keys was hanging from the rafters.  No idea how old they are as they all came with the shop when David moved in.  Thousands of wonderful keys! 

More tools on a hundreds of years old table.

This is similar to the flux tools used in stained glass.  Caroline was using this for finishing a bracelet.

Caroline finishing the sizing for Sue's bracelet.  We each bought one that will meet us when we return home.  Such a sweet and talented artist. 

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