Friday, July 16, 2010

Simply Pink

Everywhere you look these days, pink is popping up in home decor and fashion. The color once reserved for baby nurseries, and little girl's dresses is now being incorporated into the decor of homes everywhere. Sometimes in soft summer hues and at other times, bright and bold, making a statement that is impossible to ignore. Some of us love "all things pink", and fill every corner and space with this fun color. Furniture, curtains, and pink accessories grace our homes and closets. Others' craving for pink is satisfied with just a bit of a favorite shade here and there. You may find a pale pink quilt draped across a white chair, an antique pink chair against a warm white backdrop, or perhaps a clear crystal vase filled with vibrant cut flowers in shades of pink.

Mixing shades of pink makes a room feminine and chic, but a single pink accent in an all white room, commands just as much attention. Even when subtle, pink catches the eye wherever it's used. It’s fun, it’s feminine and it’s flirty. Pink is the color that fits in with any theme - from girly to chic, from romantic to modern. Store windows are filled with eye popping pink accessories and furnishings. Designers are using extravagant pink fabrics or creating just a few pink touches in their designs. Websites are popping up everywhere, offering pink accessories for home and fashion.

What is it about pink that makes us love it so much? It's the color of princesses and fairy tales, wedding bouquets and ballet slippers. It can be whimsical or soft and feminine. In brighter shades, it reflects a bold zest for life. It's a reminder of favorite childhood memories and future dreams. Whether you surround yourself with pink or just like keep a special pink reminder nearby you'll find something special on Friday in our MMPink category and at Make Mine Pink.
Written by:

Joyce Lucas,

Founder Make Mine Pink

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