Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Porch

Join us on Friday for a fun themed sale at Forget Me Not Dreams and the boutiques of Make Mine Pink. I can’t think of anything more inviting than a summer porch. Starting your day with a cup of tea in a favorite antique tea cup or watching a sunset from a vintage wicker rocker, filled with plump cushions, inspired by days gone by. A summer porch can be a place of solace, when you need a moment to unwind, or a place of shelter during a warm summer rain.

A welcoming porch creates a friendly entryway to your home. And with the right accessories, can become an extension of your home. Our summer porch was always filled with pots and planters of brightly colored geraniums. It didn’t feel like summer without these welcoming blooms.

For entertaining guests, vintage chairs, painted in blues and whites, no two alike, made comfortable with pretty floral pillows propped against their backs. An ornate table, painted white and adorned with layers of beautiful white linens. A welcoming site for all that come to visit.

For cozy evenings, cut glass cups, glow with the soft flicker of a candle within. An old mason jar, one saved from grandmother’s canning cellar, is filled with fresh cut daisies. A quilting project, tucked into a favorite basket, ready to be worked on at a moments notice.

As you relax and sip your iced tea, your eyes follow the simple, uncluttered decor of of your summer porch. The vintage lace curtains, stirring in the warm evening breeze, the gingerbread window boxes, filled with summer blooms, and just beyond the porch, a whimsical pink bicycle, it’s basket filled with blooms in shades of pink. You sigh with contentment as you welcome another summer evening.

Create your own special summer porch with the help of the boutiques at Make Mine Pink.
Written by:
Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

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