Friday, July 10, 2009

Our next Show.... It's Here!!

Wow!! The next show of the summer has arrived already. There wasn't time
to recover from the Farm Chicks before we started packing up again. Good
thing we were able to shop on the way home from Spokane.

Here we are, loading up again! We should have this down to a science by
now, but it always takes forever. Getting it all into the truck is like
a giant Tetrus game. We try to get everything pulled outside, weather
permitting, and the chosen ones up on the truck point at or yell out the
size and shape of packable item that they need.

Now you can't beat this for tight! We were lucky to get the back door of
the truck shut! Where does all of this stuff come from?!

Here we are in the midst of unloading the truck at the Expo Antiques Show.
It's a huge show. We have decided to stay outside in the elements, rain, heat,
wind and this year a special surprise on Sunday... thunderstorms. Ride those

After unloading the truck completely, and setting up the "skeleton" of the
booth, the foundation tables and other furniture pieces, we are left with
"The Mess". At this particular show, you are only allowed to set up your
furniture and unload your vehicles on Thursday.

More of "The Mess". Tomorrow morning at 8:00, we are allowed to rush to our
booth to start wading through the packed totes, boxes and baskets. This is
the catch... at the same time, the public is allowed to spend an extra amount
of entry fee to enter and actually go through our boxes if they are not un-
packed. It is absolute chaos. Actually this year, we are hoping to see a
crowd. In any case, we are assigning one of us to be our own private security

More news tomorrow night to let you see how we survived!


blushing rose said...

Be safe & hve fun. TTFN ~Marydon

Rebecca said...

Sounds like CRAY FUN!!!!!


Debbi said...

I will bet you do well at the Expo!
I want sooo bad to go this weekend, but not in the cards this time, too many things going on. Maybe October will get to meet you both in person.
Good luck!!!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Ohhh I don't know how you do it ! Praying for you to sell down to empty boxes.


Debbie said...

Wow....that looks like tons of work....I'd rather shop! LOL Hope you did well at the show. :)

Pink hugs,