Monday, April 13, 2009

New Function, New Design, Repurpose!!

The Pink Friday theme for this Friday will be repurposed items, handmade or found. Eileen & I are having so much fun and are being so challenged putting new pieces of jewelry together using bits and pieces that we find at estate sales or in our own collections. Take this bracelet for instance.... we found an old charm bracelet missing quite a few charms! The chain and fastener were in great shape, as were some of the attached charms. We had some great metal buttons that blended with the charms and rich stone look beads from a vintage broken necklace. Together they create a new piece with a bit of current, a lot of old or vintage and a sense of accomplishment blending the two. Please check for our other repurposed creations in this week's Pink Friday feature.

1 comment:

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Love the bracelet...wish I could remember what happened to my old charm bracelet :-(