Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Blog Feature Coming!!! Shopping Wizard Advice

Not enough feed in the fodder? Feeling the need for milk but weighed down by the soaring prices? We are introducing a new blog feature that will begin next week. Pam, my daughter-in-law is a shopping wizard. Their family of four rarely pays over $100.00 each month for groceries. Pam has agreed to write a blog each Tuesday or Wednesday sharing tips on how to cut your grocery bills by using coupons, comparison shopping and and shopping according to future need when sales hit. This young mother of two has taught me so much, so tune in next week to meet Pam and catch some of her tips to help stretch your dollars in this time of recession.
Weigh In Wednesday will continue after allergy season ends for me in October. I will be on steroid therapy soon, so weight loss is impossible. Will check in ocassionally to let you know how the battle is progressing. Thank you for your wonderful support! Losing 12 pounds has been monumental.

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