Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Work Should Always Be This Fun!

Work should always be this fun! Fortunately, I am blessed to love what I do! Owning Forget Me Not Dreams, our own website is BLAST! But another joy in my life is working with some of my fellow show owners and friends. I love working at their shows....all the fun without the responsibility that comes with running my own show! The past coupe of days I have been working on displays at one of our local craft and antique shows called Brookhaven. This is a boutique style show where all vendor products are mixed together and displayed in themed areas…similar to a gift shop. I love doing display work, especially in this mixed format. Combining vintage, handmade and painted furniture into wonderful vignettes is right up my alley! The style of this particular show is fun because the owner Lynette Covert is a master at combining colors and themes in a fresh and unique way.

The entre way is bright and inviting with a punch of Pear green added to a Paris Chic section.

This Estate Garden area was a blast to display and definitely made me anxious for spring! You can find some of these wonderful yard art pieces in our Cottage Garden section on our site.

Living in the Northwest, the beach look is always in. Turquoise takes this section from drab to fab and gives it a fun twist on the theme. Bellow is a cute yellow and blue area with tons of wonderful vintage and new textiles. So cute!

Of course my favorite is always the Cottage section. I could spend hours looking at the vintage china, handmade pillows and textile crafts. I couldn’t resist a bit of shopping before I left today….having first pick is another perk of helping display for shows!
Brookhaven opens March 12th and runs through March 16th. Here is a link to her site if any of you are close enough to stop by and shop! This certainly get’s me in the mood for my own show in the fall! Check our archives and you can see some pics from our 2007 shows. Time to start planning our fall shows for 2008…yes!


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Thanks for sharing the displays...I love making them and seeing them too.

I worked at TJ Maxx while my DH was in school ... mainly so I could get first pick when the truck came in :)

Pearl Maple said...

Those displays are awesome, thank goodness i am only windowshopping via the blog photos as my little purse could be in danger.

Followed the link from Polka Dot Pixie today and enjoyed reading all your creative posts.