Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweet Salvage

It was an awesome day today! We were able to catch the Sweet Salvage Sale today here in Phoenix! It was such a fun sale. I just love architectural and industrial salvage.

 It takes me right back to being a kid and watching my Dad work in his garage. He had the coolest containers and boxes for all his tools. He would have got such a kick out of how sought after these things are for home decor today! 

I'm such a sucker for Aqua blue! Love that chair!

Love these lockers too!

It was a my favorite stop today and we even bought a few treasures to turn! So if your in Phoenix you can find their show schedule at


Sweet Man said...

Awesome photos! Thank you for the inspirational words. :)

A Thing for Roses said...

I was at that show last month and it was so packed I couldn't get any pictures. But there were tons of treasures too. Glad you had fun! See you soon!