Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Dog Ate My Homework!

This is one of those posts where I feel I just need to throw out every excuse I can think of for being absent so long. You know, those "The dog ate my homework" kinds of excuses. But the truth is, life just sometimes throws you curve balls. Really I could have titled this blog, "Memory Problems". It would be an accurate, but sad excuse for what has been going on. You see, my absence in blogging is really due to memory problems of several kinds. My computer was maxed out on memory and my Camera memory card was full. Between this business and my wedding and floral business, and the Grand boys, I take and save way too many photos. So computer surgery was necessary before I could even open my photo program. I've had my computer crash before and I just wasn't willing to risk it again. Whew...glad I dodged that bullet. My other memory problems are with my Mom. Sadly she was diagnosed with Dementia and is changing fast. So allot of my time is spent with her and caring for her needs. Someday I will tell you more about this special lady in my life. So life changes and we adjust the best we can. Frankly I would have rather the dog ate my homework!

So when the going gets tough....the tough go on a road trip! Getting away for a while is a needed break and a junking trip is just the ticket! We spent a few days on the coast for our annual City Wide garage sale. What a great trip! We hit the jackpot this year and had to buy a carrier for the top of the Suburban to get all our finds home.  

The thing we love the most about this trip is seeing friends we have bought from for several years and making new ones! We have bought from the Mulligans for many years. Dotty had to adjust my hat for the photo....apparently there is a right and a wrong way to wear a cowboy hat! Who knew!

We also loved seeing Betty again. She is such a sweetheart and every year we are so relieved that she is still in good health and enjoying her travels!

This is a picture of Darlene's yard. Isn't it beautiful! We just about cleaned her out of furniture this year!

We bought a sweet little pic nic basket from a nice lady and she took us into her laundry room to show us her basket collection! So cool! What a great trip! But the fun isn't over! We have several more days of junking to go so stay tuned! We'll post whenever we can! We are glad to be back in action! Hugs!
Eileen & Karen

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