Friday, May 13, 2011

Junk Salvation Opening Day

Oh my...running on fumes here tonight! It was a very early morning getting on the road at 6:30am with the trailer packed to the brim with our goodies. So we'll spare the chit chat tonight and just show you some of the cool sites of the show. This is Linda and Dixie the Funky Junk Sisters! They own and manage the show!
Here is there cute booth! We have met some really nice people.

 Billy of Brocanteur Vintage is just across from us. Love her stuff!

Next to our booth on one side is The Gasworks Factory...oh my gosh his stuff is so cool! More sites to come in a few days. We'll be packing up after the show and driving home tomorrow night so we'll have to blog after we get home. Have a great weekend and if you are near Puyallup WA come check out the show!
Eileen & Karen

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Steph said...

I want to see your booth!! Aaand maybe selfishly I want to see more fromt the Gas Works, it looks so cool!!

Have fuN!!