Sunday, May 15, 2011

Junk Salvation - Nice People

One of our favorite things about doing these kinds of show is meeting so many nice people. I was privileged to meet Peggy from Cricket On The Hearth.

She had such a gorgeous booth. I just loved her layout. It was fun to visit with Peggy and hear the story of how she came to name her business.

She bought this vintage shop marker many years ago and saved it with the idea that she would use this for her business name someday. She just recently opened a shop in the lobby of the historic Redmond Hotel. It was so fun to visit with you Peggy. Next time I'm in your area, you can bet I'll stop by to say Hi!

We had to take one last pic with Linda & Dixie. Karen and I were drenched! Wouldn't you know it, the weather was gorgeous all day right up until we loaded the trailer and then it just poured! We were soaked all the way through. Thanks Dixie and Linda...we loved participating in your show!
Eileen & Karen

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