Friday, October 22, 2010

Shades of Autumn

Autumn bursts into the season with a symphony of color. Swirling leaves of crimson, amber, and gold against a background of crisp blue sky, exciting our senses and inviting us to grab hold and enjoy every minute… before it slips away until next year. This is a season of celebration, meant to be shared with family and good friends. We host dinners at tables covered with vintage tablecloths, embroidered with the colors of fall. We decorate our homes with colorful pumpkins and gourds. Afternoons are spent winding through corn mazes and walking in apple orchards. Cool crisp evenings wind to a close with a long country walk. Nature’s display mingles with the glorious scent of fall. Pies baked with fresh apples, the spicy scent wafting throughout the house. Cinnamon and spiced cider, cooling in a vintage teapot on the counter. The delightful feeling as the crisp cool air rushes in when the front door is opened.
The changing of seasons from the cool greens of summer to the warm oranges and golds of fall foliage, provides inspiration for our indoor decorating. We add accents from an autumn palette of copper, rust, green and gold to highlight forgotten nooks and crannies. We warm up your our homes with the colors of falling leaves.A colorful fall wreath graces the entryway. A needlepoint cushion stitched with rustic fall colors, displayed proudly on an antique settee. The colors of autumn infuse our quiet times. Quilts are pieced together with fabrics of warm russets and reds, crimson and gold. The fabrics remind us of swirling leaves and autumn’s irresistible allure. The sunset colors of autumn fade quickly away, making autumn all the more beautiful. Bring a bit of autumn into your home by shopping the boutiques at Make Mine Pink.

Written by Joyce Lucas,
Founder Make Mine Pink

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