Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dressing your table for guests

When I think back on my childhood, having family or friends to dinner was a really big deal. It always felt like a holiday or special occasion when we moved dinner into the dining room, and opened the up the china cabinet in search of special dishes, table linens and flatwear.I can still remember the feeling of excitement as I helped polish the silver and unwrap the special serving pieces. Each piece felt like a treasure. My mother always encouraged to use extra care when handling these special pieces. We were so proud to be trusted with this special task.

The china, once my grandmother’s, and now my mom’s, encouraged large family gatherings. Place settings for 12, filled every corner of the china cabinet. The hand-painted roses, still bright and glorious. I knew we were in for a treat, the minute I heard those glass doors open.It was setting the table for guests, where I learned my right from my left. Placing the flatwear atop the freshly ironed linen cloth, in just the right order, was a lesson I learned early on. My mother had such patience with us, when I’m certain it would have been easier to set the table herself. She never complained if we were slow, or had questions about where a special piece came from. She was always happy to share the stories of her childhood, while we worked side by side. Our small hands, clumsy and unsure, her hands working deftly next to ours.
When the table was set, we’d step back and admire our masterpiece. To a child, the table looked like it was set for a queen. Beautiful linen and lace tablecloth and napkins added just the right touch. Spotless crystal water glasses, shimmering from the light of the candles, china place settings, each piece brimming with memories, an ornament to be admired by all. Dressing our table for guests was a ritual that not only made our guests feel special, but was a reminder of just how special they were to us.Please visit the boutiques at Make Mine Pink, to dress your own table for your special guests.
Written by: Joyce Lucas,
Founder Make Mine Pink

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{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What sweet memories... I LOVE a pretty table, but don't compare to the ones in Bloggieville!

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