Sunday, June 3, 2012

Farm Chicks Day 2

Oh my goodness, holy wow! Farm Chicks was awesome this year! We can't thank Serina enough for a great show. It seems that it just gets better and better! I have lots of great pics and stories to share but just a few tonight....I am exhausted and can't hardly keep my eyes open! So here are a few of my favs!
This is Funky Junk Jennifer. Such a unique idea!
Another great display idea!
 Lisa from A Thing For Roses always does such a nice job.
 She and Karen pose for a pic!
Amy and Kris of Farm And Frills always do a killer booth too. We are excited for their new store opening in a few weeks! Best of luck ladies! I have so much more to post, but my pillow is calling....actually screaming! More latter!
Eileen & Karen


Brian said...

it looks so cool!! I wish we could make it that far up to see it!!
I want to see your booth now!!

A Thing for Roses said...

So lovely to see you both! I wish I had been able to come over and see your booth. We definitely will have to get together soon!

Monica said...

... and now I get to see your "part 2". Great pictures of a great show

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

Hello I am your new follower! I absolutely LOVE all this inspiration for booth displays and I could browse the pictures in this post all evening. I hope you will stop by my blog sometime!