Friday, February 24, 2012

Road Trip Favorites

Finally as promised, here is a peek at some of our Road Trip stops! We had such a fun and successful road trip and came home to a crazy week! So sorry it took me a few extra days to get this up.
Whenever we travel to the Eugene/Springfield area we have to stop at Glory Days Antique Mall! It is by far my favorite place to wander. One of my favorite booths is OMG owned by Sandy Turner!
Such amazing displays! Having spent allot of time doing displays over the years, I really appreciate Sandy's great talent! We have enjoyed talking with Sandy over this past week! We had one of those "stars and moons align" experiences this week when she ordered tags from our etsy site. When we saw her OMG signature, we put two and two together and asked her if she was the vendor from Glory Days! What a great coincidence...or divine intervention! We can't wait to meet her and chat over lunch next time we are in town.
Sandy, your work is truly inspiring!


Kathy said...

Sandy is amazing at what she does and a wonderful person as well! We are sidekicks at Glory Days. So glad you enjoyed your visit there

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Omg! ... xo! said...

Omg! from the queen~herself! Kathy Colby told me she saw this!
Merci, merci, merci!
Fabulous blog, gorgeous pix! and have to say, "The Barn" @ Glory Days Antiques, owned by Kathy Colby, moi stands in awe!