Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Treats

Can you believe it's the end of July! Wow, the Summer is slipping away! It's about time we were treating ourselves to something good! Here is a link for a yummy recipe for Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas! Holy Yum Batman!

We also have some "yummy" new vintage linens and quilt squares just listed. Karen and I truly have a hard time passing up these special pieces of handwork.

The time, effort and love that has gone into these makes them little works of art in our minds. And Karen is the master at getting the stains out! I'm always amazed and how fabulous they look when she is finished with them! Click here to take a peek! Enjoy!

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Jenny@French A La Beach said...

I love these handkies - reminds of my beautiful Mum - she had
English parents and I must have inheritted her 'loves' !!! Your blog is gorgeous - keep up the good work.
Feel welcome to visit me any time.
Jenny @ French A La Beach