Thursday, February 24, 2011

Could I Get A Little More Time Please/New This Week

Do you ever wish you could request just a little more time? I'd like to know where I could order just a few more hours per week. Or maybe just slowing time down a bit would work too! Sorry for being such an absent blogger! I have such good intentions every week, pics and stories waiting in the wings...waiting for more time so I can get them posted. The good news is we are busy working on fun new product lines and categories so there are definitely good trade offs. We'll try to get our act together and stay in touch better!

New This Week

We have a sweet little collection from an estate we recently acquired. This cute Grandma's dogie collection dates back to the 1930's so there are some great vintage pieces. So if your a dog collector or are looking for a collectible piece that looks just like your own dog, be sure and check them out. Click here to visit our site. Have a great weekend!

Eileen & Karen

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