Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend Getaway Day 2

Day two of our weekend getaway didn't disappoint. We hand ended up in Eugene and decided to spend the day exploring the antique stores there, saw a movie and enjoyed seeing a different part of our beautiful state.

I have a new favorite place now! Ruthie B's in Springfield Oregon. Oh my gosh....this place was amazing! We had lunch here which was amazing all by itself, but add in the atmosphere, our cute server and it was such a fun time! Guests are seated all over the store in themed display rooms. It so reminded me of how we display at our antique show.

We sat in the Red, White and Blue room and was served by the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. And the food...well it was amazing! It was just a blast! It certainly ended our little getaway in style and made for a very special weekend together! I highly recommend just getting away from it all once in a while!

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Janet's Creations said...

Hi ladies, I enjoyed reading about yet another road trip you "had" to take for business. You might tell your readers who's the young man with his arm around Eileen at lunch. Inquiring minds want to know...