Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Old Things Newly Found

Eileen and I were able to sneak away and find a few estate sales last week-end. What a treat! At the first, we found little string wrapped bundles of quilt beginnings. Some of you may have seen our first offerings of these pieces last week.

Today I started one of my favorite chores, soaking, washing and finally starching and ironing each piece. I love to see that hidden grime wash out and the piece slowly transform into it's old sweetness.

Ironing brings out the crisp muslin and strengthens the vintage fabrics. I love the clean smell of the starch that brings back memories of my Nana's house. The vintage pieces touch my heart. Each tiny stitch so carefully placed, each fabric piece carefully and painstakingly cut. Life moves so quickly now. Were those vintage days harder due to the amount of hard hand work? Or was that work better for the health of the heart and soul?

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