Monday, October 5, 2009

No, It's Not A Train At The End Of The Tunnel!!

Yes, our blog has been vacant for quite awhile it seems. Eileen & I both finished
our summers with wonderful trips to spend time with family. We both had a great
time, Eileen bringing home the everlasting cold and I became quite personal with
the much dreaded Piggy Flu. Yes, it's all that It's cracked up to be. Today was my
first big day off of the couch in 2 full weeks and I'm sure it will take another two to
three weeks to completely recover. I was able to get the Tamiflu anti viral from my
doctor, or I'm positive I would still be out of commission. Do what you can to stay

In the last few days, I have been able to work on some of my favorite photos,
making some into larger prints and in mattes for some of the gallery displays,
getting some ready for Christmas presents and making most into stationery
note cards. I believe I mentioned this project to you a while ago. It appears that
you need to be home and have hours available to actually work on making the
stationery or it doesn't get done. Brilliant!

Some photos are from my garden, some from trips that I have taken this summer
and prior summers and the fun candy shots are from working with my grandson.
All come from the heart! I promise that they will soon be listed on our website so
you can browse through many of them.
Have a wonderful, healthy week!

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blushing rose said...

Glad you all got rid of the oink-oink! It is terrible.

Have a lovely week. TTFN ~Marydon